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Car Tipping.. LOL


[trib_ndn vid=25790700]

Police in San Francisco are trying to track down some vandals involved in a city-version of “cow tipping.”

carInstead of tipping over cows, the vandals are flipping over “smart cars.”

The cars weigh about 16-hundred pounds, and are relatively easy to tip.

Surveillance video caught several men tipping one of the cars.

According to police, the activity is considered felony vandalism.

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Definteily something I want to do when I get time, although that doesn’t appear to be anytime soon. Saving this on my blog because this is such a great article.

GeoCass UK GeoCaching

A quick word of warning… This is going to get geeky! If you’re not interested in creating Wherigo cartridges then this blog post really isn’t for you! 😉

Creating a Wherigo Cartridge?

I’d heard in the past that creating WherIGo cartridges is a difficult thing to do which made me ignore them for a while. To create them in the first place requires quite good computer knowledge and a basic understanding of programming, but nothing too indepth. It seems that the thing that causes the problems is not the technical requirements, but rather the buggy software that is provided to do it, and using it to create reliable cartridges that don’t crash mid-way!

As wherigo is under Groundspeak, Groundspeak created their own official “Wherigo Builder” software. This software hasn’t been updated since 2008 and is still in beta (test) version. This isn’t your only option however and I have found…

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#1 on my bucket list…

Dweeb's Diatribe

The new desert megatrails in Nevada and Arizona are safely out of the range of my solo weekend excursions. But f0t0m0m’s Cadiz Cache4xing (CC4X) Series of 400, South of the Route 66 Shield was juuust within reach. And I couldn’t pass up the $32./night holiday weekend rate at the Days Inn (Barstow). After a late Friday arrival, I woke up early and drove 80 miles to the Kelbaker Road off ramp. Coincidentally, this is also the off ramp for the Route 66 Shield Series. More on that later.
Some new caches on Route 66 at Cadiz got me started.
Just as I thought that my Prius would’ve been OK here, the pavement ended at a railroad crossing and the CC4X series began.
This sign was a reminder that other cachers reported flat tires and getting stuck in sand.
Immediately the road was rocky. Most sections were very wide, enough…

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Geocaching 101

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This is a great 90 second overview of what geocaching is.. Great job.