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I thought this was a great article.. Not only because its Dell but because it shows how marketting can really decieve..

One might look at this chart as ‘bigger as better’ but if you read between the lines, youll see that true value is somewhere in the middle, in this case with the Dell | Compellent storage system.

Isilon’s 56-node system can obviously hold more data than the Compellent one, but Dell can exceed its performance with 85 per cent fewer nodes; 8 instead of 56. This means that if you want that level of SPECsfs2008 performance then a Dell system would occupy far less data centre space, and need much less electricity – and cooling – into the bargain.

Dell has always struggled with their NAS offering in the low and midrange but can now be truly considered a juggernaut of price/performance ratios.

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