The Desk-side Data Centre

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Servers, Technology
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Simply Bitchin’… As a storage guy who has benefited from the best storage acquisitions Dell has made in the past 15 years, this box makes me jealous, envious and proud at the same time.


ROBO The Ultimate Torment

If, like me, you’ve been knocking around in the IT operations management game for a while, you probably bear a few water heaterscars. You probably have a few horror stories that you keep to yourself unless someone has plied you with alcohol or you are under the influence of heavy medication.  One of the memories I have is the time I lost a sales office. Now obviously I didn’t lose a complete office, it isn’t something you leave behind in a Kebab shop at 2 o’clock in the morning. No, this was a complete loss of all IT services. How? Well my guy on the ground told me over the phone that the water heater had burst.

Excuse me? What stupid water heater? Now bear in mind I had never been in this office. It was relatively small and we were about to move to larger premises. I had…

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