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Definteily something I want to do when I get time, although that doesn’t appear to be anytime soon. Saving this on my blog because this is such a great article.

GeoCass UK GeoCaching

A quick word of warning… This is going to get geeky! If you’re not interested in creating Wherigo cartridges then this blog post really isn’t for you! 😉

Creating a Wherigo Cartridge?

I’d heard in the past that creating WherIGo cartridges is a difficult thing to do which made me ignore them for a while. To create them in the first place requires quite good computer knowledge and a basic understanding of programming, but nothing too indepth. It seems that the thing that causes the problems is not the technical requirements, but rather the buggy software that is provided to do it, and using it to create reliable cartridges that don’t crash mid-way!

As wherigo is under Groundspeak, Groundspeak created their own official “Wherigo Builder” software. This software hasn’t been updated since 2008 and is still in beta (test) version. This isn’t your only option however and I have found…

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After half a year of canvasing our neighborhood and a great relationship with Nextdoor’s services, we finally got our neighborhood watch signs up.

With over 50% of our neighbors signed up and active, the city dropped these bad boy’s in 4 locations early this morning.

Why are our kids Obese?

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Health, Opinions

It is truly disheartening what capitalism (or maybe call it imperialism) has done to human culture.

First, let me state that I am a big fan of free markets.. They provide jobs, drive technology, and force commercialization. What I don’t like is that the American lifestyle compared to other countries has obsoleted our work force for ones that are far cheaper and automated in third world countries… For those that have an iphone, google Foxconn and explain to me how your iPhone is such a boon to your life, while the people who make it are committing suicide because they hate their jobs and can’t find anything better.

Enter obesity, one of my pet peeves of why Americans are sensation addicts. Corporate American is driving MORE people to their restaurants (i.e. McDonalds, on the guise of cheap affordable food). What they don’t tell you is that the food is as close to an ’empty calorie food” as a stalk of celery. Yes this stuff will fill you up, but it will not satisfy you (salts and phosphates). Yes it is cheap, but it will NOT nourish you (you will need to eat an order of magnitude more volume of fast food to get a fraction of the nutrients fresh food will offer you).

So yes, to save money, junk food looks very attractive, and in the picture above, a buck for a hamburger yields far more calories than a salad, but will starve your body of nutrients to make it grow… Is it a suprise why our kids are growing horizontally and not vertically? Not to me.

Simply Bitchin’… As a storage guy who has benefited from the best storage acquisitions Dell has made in the past 15 years, this box makes me jealous, envious and proud at the same time.


ROBO The Ultimate Torment

If, like me, you’ve been knocking around in the IT operations management game for a while, you probably bear a few water heaterscars. You probably have a few horror stories that you keep to yourself unless someone has plied you with alcohol or you are under the influence of heavy medication.  One of the memories I have is the time I lost a sales office. Now obviously I didn’t lose a complete office, it isn’t something you leave behind in a Kebab shop at 2 o’clock in the morning. No, this was a complete loss of all IT services. How? Well my guy on the ground told me over the phone that the water heater had burst.

Excuse me? What stupid water heater? Now bear in mind I had never been in this office. It was relatively small and we were about to move to larger premises. I had…

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I thought this was a great article.. Not only because its Dell but because it shows how marketting can really decieve..

One might look at this chart as ‘bigger as better’ but if you read between the lines, youll see that true value is somewhere in the middle, in this case with the Dell | Compellent storage system.

Isilon’s 56-node system can obviously hold more data than the Compellent one, but Dell can exceed its performance with 85 per cent fewer nodes; 8 instead of 56. This means that if you want that level of SPECsfs2008 performance then a Dell system would occupy far less data centre space, and need much less electricity – and cooling – into the bargain.

Dell has always struggled with their NAS offering in the low and midrange but can now be truly considered a juggernaut of price/performance ratios.

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