APRIL 30, 2013 – Mojave, John Wayne & TV series

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Geocaching
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Yep, on the bucket list… I have often wondered if people on the road would honk & hate from the constant stopping but I guess I could put a sticker on my car or something that I stop a lot… Hmm.. Might be a good idea for a vinyl window sticker.

Dweeb's Diatribe

After so many recent trips to Barstow I decided to go to Mojave, at the other end of the desert. On the way I stopped at the scenic Lake Palmdale viewpoint. It was still under 80 degrees then.
38 miles later I arrived and it was noticeably hotter.
I drove my 22mpg Element because I thought that there’d be the usual dirt track for desert caching. It was a surprise to find a nice paved road at the beginning of the 45 cache John Wayne Series, JW1 John Wayne (GC3DZKE). I should’ve trusted what I thought I’d seen on google maps, driven my 48mpg Prius and saved $20. in gas. Oh well…
The caches were mostly 35mm film containers in ½ buried PVC tubes 0.25 miles apart, 5’ to 50’ off road. I’m used to stopping every 0.10 miles. The different spacing threw off my practiced rhythm. And because…

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